Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet

Just watched this trailer:

Really want to see this flick. According to http://perfecthumandiet.us/index.html It's up for pre-order and shipping begins on the 29th (which is today, but its still a ways off for the US, where these guys are based).

I'm all for what this is about. Word bird.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gary Taubes 02/06/08


Just watched this, its pretty deep on the science action, which can make it a bit dense... Hell, I'll probably need to watch it again. Criminy though, he's onto something...

Giving Intermittent Fasting a right crack

This week I've been giving Intermittent Fasting - which I was introduced to with this Nerd Fitness post sometime ago - a genuine go.

Here's how its looked for me, the week thus far.

I ate dinner. There was bread involved, thus...

Fasted. I'd last eaten about 6:00 PM on the Sunday, so I fasted from then until dinner Monday. If I had really wanted to give it my all, I would have skipped dinner too, or at least pushed it back until later at night.

I ate when I was hungry (this is a rule for me, and i generally don't get hungry until about 11 in the morning, which i guess is based on the work routine and when i need to be awake, but I've no real idea about that.), pretty much survived the day on roast beef and vegetables. It's about the only real food meal (that doesn't include a mega side of rice, and I can be somewhat sure isn't soaked in shittier oils) I can find around the city. I also had it for dinner.

Had left over beef from yesterdays lunch, took that down at lunch today. That night, roast beef and a couple of carrots. After that, drank 2 beers, and a bunch of rum with a friend. This means today.....

Thursday (today!)
I haven't eaten a damn thing. Plan is to not do so either. My last fast I ate dinner at days end. Today I'm going to try to not do that, making it probably a 30-odd hour fast at the end of it.Now, monday night, post-fast, i slept like a baby, needing (not telling myself, but NEEDING) to go to bed very early on in the evening. So tonight will be a nice tell-tale if those might be linked for me.

The rest of the week
I can't lie... I will most likely blow out on the weekend with some drinking. Meaning Sunday will probably be a fast day.

How will this work out, I don't know, but I plan to take my weight on Saturday, and we'll (I'll) see how it works out